Cheap Car Rentals from ADAC for 1€

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Fancy a spontaneous city trip with a rental car? Movacar partner ADAC lets you travel all over Germany for just 1€. The company has been delighting its customers with experience, values and quality since the beginning of the last century and is now one of the world's leading mobility companies. With Movacar, you can now rent a car for just € 1 and enjoy the convenience of a road trip. Book your rental car now to use a high-quality rental vehicle from ADAC car rental and travel like in your own car - wherever you want and more affordable than ever.

Mobility service with tradition

The purpose of the ADAC is "to protect and promote the interests of motoring, motor sports and tourism". It is committed to the private and professional mobility of its members and their families. Its original and best known service is roadside assistance.

The ADAC was founded on May 24, 1903 in the Hotel Silber in Stuttgart as the German Motorcyclists' Association and in 1911 it was converted into the General German Automobile Club (ADAC). After the Second World War, the ADAC was first re-established in Munich on December 5, 1946, and from 1948 it was also approved in the other western occupation zones.

The re-founded ADAC sees itself in the tradition of the ADAC, which existed from 1903 to 1933, and continues this. At the head of the association there is now a president (formerly 1st chairman). In 2003 the association celebrated its own 100th anniversary. At the end of April 2019, 20.84 million people were members of the ADAC.

Travel through Germany with the Movacar partners

With Movacar, you can now enjoy a quality car rental from ADAC Autovermietung for the unbeatable price of just 1€. Plan your next city trip flexibly and travel like in your own car. Whether for a weekend on the North or Baltic Sea or a few days in the hip metropolis of Berlin - with a rental car you are independent and flexible. In contrast to stressful and expensive trips by bus, train or carpooling, you can save yourself a lot of money and nerves by booking a rental car. You are always guaranteed uncomplicated and professional processing of your reservation, because the Movacar partner ADAC Autovermietung places great focus on the quality of its rental vehicles. All rental cars are as good as new and are subject to regular checks so that your trip meets the highest standards.