Mietwagen von Wucherpfennig & Krohn

Rental cars from Wucherpfennig & Krohn at Movacar for only 1€

When it comes to experience and quality in car rental, Movacar partner Wucherpfennig & Krohn is one of the leading companies in the Hamburg area. The traditional vehicle rental makes northern Germany mobile - and lets you travel from city to city for only 1€ with the high comfort of a rental car. It has never been so cheap and easy to rent a car and enjoy great comfort. Book your rental car from Movacar partner Wucherpfennig & Krohn and travel as comfortably, cheaply and flexibly as possible through the north of the country.

Quality for over 120 years

The origins of the company Wucherpfennig & Krohn go back to the year 1898: Founded under Franz Wucherpfennig, the company Wucherpfennig made the Hamburg area mobile by renting bicycles and carriages. Since then, the traditional vehicle rental has guaranteed the highest quality and was able to establish itself further in the north German city even after the onset of the travel and mobility boom. The Krohn company, which was founded in 1978 in Lehnsahn in Schleswig-Holstein, has always had the highest demands on the quality of its vehicle rentals in northern Germany. The common ideas and goals led the two owner-managed companies to merge to become Wucherpfennig & Krohn in 2010. Together they created a joint AVIS license area, which, with 40 own stations, is the second largest license partner in the AVIS franchise system. Wucherpfennig & Krohn is growing steadily, most recently the vehicle rental business was able to expand its operational area by purchasing new stations in Lower Saxony and East Westphalia. An extensive range of vehicles, attractive conditions and, last but not least, centuries of experience make the company one of the leading car rental companies in Northern Germany. Whether rental cars, vans, moving trucks, trucks, minibuses or refrigerated vehicles - the wide range of rental vehicles always offers the right vehicle for your needs.

Travel through the north of Germany with your Movacar partner

Together with Movacar, you can now enjoy a quality car rental from Wucherpfennig & Krohn for the unbeatable price of just 1€. Design the next city trip according to your ideas and travel like in your own car. Whether for a weekend on the North or Baltic Sea or a few days in the hip metropolis of Berlin - with a rental car you are independent and flexible. In contrast to stressful and expensive trips by bus, train or carpooling, booking a rental car can save you a lot of money and nerves. You are always guaranteed uncomplicated and professional processing of your reservation, because the Movacar partner Wucherpfennig & Krohn attaches great importance to the quality of its rental vehicles. All rental cars are as good as new and are subject to regular checks so that your trip meets the highest standards.