Mietwagen von Volkswagen Financial Services Rent-a-Car

Rent a car from VW FS Rent-a-Car at Movacar for only 1€

Travel across Germany with a branded rental car and pay only 1€ for it - Movacar partner VW FS-Rent-A-Car makes this a reality. The Volkswagen Group's car rental service will take you to your destination in a high-quality vehicle with low mileage. Book your rental car at Movacar and VW FS-Rent-A-Car to enjoy the freedom and comfort of traveling in your own car for just 1€.

The branded car rental company stands for quality and competence

Volkswagen Financial Services Rent-A-Car - VW FS Rent-A-Car for short - is a car rental company for brand vehicles of the Volkswagen Group. The company's fleet includes vehicles from the Volkswagen Group brand - i.e. Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, SKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The car rental company attaches great importance to high-quality equipment and low mileage in their rental vehicles in order to always be able to offer their customers a high level of quality and comfort. It therefore seems natural that the rental cars from VW FS-Rent-A-Car meet the latest safety standards. With its stations in the car dealerships of the Volkswagen Group, the brand car rental company is represented in more than 300 locations throughout Germany, which enables its customers to enjoy nationwide service.

The company was founded more than 25 years ago as Euromobil Autovermietung GmbH in Isernhagen and is still convincing today with its high quality standards in car rental. VW FS-Rent-A-Car has been a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG since 2012. As a result of the merger with another subsidiary, EURO-Leasing GmbH, the vehicle selection has also covered the truck division since 2019. This means that the rental of brand vehicles to private and business customers is just as much a part of the offer as the rental of trucks.

Rent a car: Inexpensive and convenient with the Movacar partner VW FS-Rent-A-Car

Now you too can use the service and competence of the branded car rental company - and with Movacar you only pay 1 €. Travel with the highest comfort that a means of transport can offer you and enjoy the freedom of flexible and independent route planning. In contrast to bus, train or carpooling, you are free and spontaneous with a rental car. Whether for a few days in Berlin, a weekend in the mountains or a longer holiday by the sea - with VW FS-Rent-A-Car and Movacar you can get to your destination easily, cheaply and comfortably, no matter where you want to go. And that with a well-equipped brand car. The processing of your reservation is absolutely stress-free and professional. The Movacar partner VW FS-Rent-A-Car always ensures a particularly high level of comfort for your journey with brand new vehicles and regular checks on their rental cars.